4 Amazing Emerging Technologies to Build Your Startup Around

Are you looking to build a new business around technology?

Many people become developers because they love it; they conceived an idea; needed to give life to it, but they couldn’t. Obviously, because they lack the minimum skill to get started and also don’t have enough funds to outsource it.

Now that you’re a developer or most likely an entrepreneur interested in building a business around technology.  

You’ve spent a lot of time bootstrapping and putting your ideas altogether. But suddenly it seems to you like your ideas ain’t viable anymore. Sounds frustrating because other newer technologies have outshined your initial idea.

Well, it happens.

In the tech ecosystem, evolution is allowed — newer technologies replace the older ones.

Here is the list of the world’s top 10 richest men in 2017 according to Forbes. They became rich because they own successful businesses. Look closely, did you notice that 50% of them own technology companies?

Well, if you’ve been looking for an amazing technology to build your startup around, read on. I have good news for you.

Here are 4 amazing technologies you should consider building your startup around.

1. Beacons

Beacon is a great and promising technology. A beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter that sends packets of information to nearby  Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices.

What does that mean in essence?

Imagine you’re working along the street with your iPhone 4S or above or your Android device maybe: Samsung Galaxy S or your Google Nexus phone.

And with your Bluetooth on, you received a beep from a nearby shop. “Howdy, Daniel. Welcome to XYZ supermarket. We’ve got good shoes for you at a ridiculous discounted price; we are giving you 50% off any shoe you buy now from us today, amazing, right? Check us out now”

Image result for ibeacon

Source: Krify.com

That’s simply how a beacon works. While you’re inside the retail shop, as you move around looking for what you want, the beacon will keep updating you on offers inside the shop especially the once you touch or go close to.

See this video to further understand my point.

Well, that’s it about Beacons and surprisingly several organizations have started using the beacon technology. Examples of companies using it are Starbucks, Virgin Air and several retail shops in the US. Umbel has listed over 15 companies using the beacon technology here.

Beacon is changing the way offline marketing is done nowadays.

So, where do you come in here as a developer?

Here is the thing. You can build a beacon app for retail shops or for companies or roll out your own beacon device. Companies are increasingly embracing this technology. It’s high-time you move fast and get ahead with beacon.

You can get started with this book: “A Developer’s Guide to Building an iBeacon App” by Beaconstac.

2. Co-browsing

Co-browsing is another powerful technology. If you know about Team Viewer (screen sharing app), you have an idea of what we’re talking about here.

According to SearchCRM “Collaborative browsing (also known as co-browsing) is a software-enabled technique that allows someone in an enterprise contact center to interact with a customer by using the customer’s Web browser to show them something.”

Customer’s demand for a better experience is increasing every day. A recent survey has shown that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Image result for customer experience 2020

That being said, every forward thinking company will want to do everything possible to make their customers happy so as to increase their customer’s retention rate.

So, you can now create a system to help them achieve that goal by creating a web app that provides co-browsing experience for them. So they can help their customers solve their challenges on their website easily.

Are they competition in this technology, just a few competitors, it’s not saturated yet. The most popular brands rocking the technology are Tagove and Surfly — I’ve used Surfly and it’s awesome.

Don’t worry if you don’t get everything completely now. Watch this video below to learn more.

Now to get started with this you can use the togetherJS Framework. It’s a framework developed by Mozilla for this purpose. Check it out.

3. Virtual reality (VR)

VR is a very important tool in medicine and in other industries as well.  It allows you to be there without being there.

Virtual reality can be useful in the following ways:

i). It can reduce business travels for meetings: Most business people travel almost every day for business trips. But the truth is with VR they might not need to travel as often as that again.

Because with VR you can actually hold a meeting and seeing each other live as though you were all in the same room.

ii). A virtual office can give retail customers better experience: With VR retail shops can improve upon their customer’s experience by giving them a live customer service from their office as though they were in their office.

iv). It can be an essential tool in training: To some learners, visual learning is the best learning strategy. VR will allow trainees to be more clear about what is been taught to them as they see those things via the VR as though they were in real life.

v). It can be used in interviewing candidates: With VR, distance won’t  be a barrier to candidates for job interviews. HR can use VR to interview candidates as though they were chatting face-to-face in the same room.

Although VR is still very pricey. In the future, they’ll most likely become cheaper and available for all.

So you can build some awesome apps for VR and start your journey to becoming the next big thing.

Start with this guide to Virtual Reality development.

Watch this video on starting out your VR development.


4. Blockchain

Here comes the most interesting part.

Blockchain is a decentralized platform where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and etc are built upon — it’s more like a database where no single computer is responsible for storing or maintaining the database.

Look closely at this illustration.


See this video lecture by Shai Rubin about blockchain. I consider it the most simplified lecture on blockchain.

Why should you give a damn about blockchain?

  1. Blockchain allows businesses to make transparent and secured transactions without any bank standing as a middle entity.
  2. It allows you to run your application without bothering about server management and maintenance.

It has a bunch of benefits. Software like Steemit — a blogging platform where everyone earns for the contents and activities of their content are examples of Startups that are built on the blockchain network.

Microsoft has over 5 products on blockchain already. You can build just about anything on the blockchain network.

Embrace it.

But how I’m I going to start building this blockchain app, do I need to learn a new language?

Well, you need your basic HTML and JavaScript skills and then you can move on to learning Solidity to be able to deploy your apps to the blockchain network with Ethereum.

You can also get started with this tutorials:

  1. Introduction to Ethereum and Smart Contracts
  2. Blockchain / Smart Contract 101
  3. Introduction to Smart Contracts
  4. Ethereum Wiki. Solidity Features
  5. Official Solidity Documentation
  6. Learn Solidity in Y Minutes
  7. Andreas Olofsson’s Solidity Tutorials
  8. Andreas Olofsson’s Solidity Workshop
  9. Ethereum, Gas, Fuel & Fees
  10. Ethereum-Mist Walkthrough
  11. Design Principles for Dapp developers
  12. Programming Modularity, Extensibility, & Security
  13. Managing Contract System Complexity
  14. Intro to DApp frameworks
  15. Official Truffle Documentation
  16. Tim Coulter’s Truffle videos
  17. Ethereum.StackExchange
  18. ÐApp development playlist
  19. Making DApps with JavaScript
  20. Dapps for Beginners tutorials
  21. Hitchiker’s Guide to DApp development
  22. Building Serverless Applications w/ Mist
  23. Smart Contract Development w/ Solidity, 1
  24. Smart Contract Development w/ Solidity, 2
  25. Developing Ethereum DApps w/ Truffle & MetaMask
  26. Web3 development plans
  27. Smart Contract Best Practices
  28. Guide on Ethereum Smart Contract Security
  29. Writing (more) Robust Smart Contracts

Source of this amazing links: Reddit.


So far you’ve seen some emerging technologies you can build your start around. You can pick one take your time and do proper research to find out if it’s the best for you at this time. But for sure they are going to change the way business and the web will be run in future. Be a part of the movement. All the best.

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