7 Smart ways to make money as you learn to program

Programming is Hard. Learning and mastering the art and science of programming takes time and needs serious commitment and you need more than daily motivation to continue learning to become a successful software engineer.

Especially when you’re learning on your own. Of course, this is the most popular learning path for most developers.

Bt wait. That’s not to scare you. It becomes a lot easier if you learn the basics.
According to a survey by Stack OverFlow in 2017, 90% of developers say they’re self-taught

More so, it can be terribly expensive to learn to program from some code school —- Hack Reactor, a code school in San Francisco, costs a breathtaking $17,780 in tuition for 12 weeks of instruction.

However, if you learn to code the rewards are huge. That being said, in the rest of this article, I’ll be walking you through on how you can make some side (serious) money while you’re in your journey of becoming a programming god or goddess.

1.) Join BootCamps that pay you as you learn.

There are plenty of Boot Camps out there and many of them charge ridiculously high amount for programming classes. Although, most of them are well worth it, as you’ll learn something more than just writing code.

They take you from a complete noob to becoming an expert software engineer in a short period of time. Most especially, because, you’ll be standing on the shoulders of veteran software developers. It allows you learn faster, give room for absolute concentration and keep you focused.

This will allow you see results faster. However, they’re some Coding Bootcamps that pay you to learn.

Yea, sure.

Brands like Wistia actively looks to hire non-technical people who want to learn how to code, pays them to work in customer support, and trains them on how to become a software developer. In time, the skills they develop rival what they’d learn in school, the employees are in a position to become professional developers, and they’re well-compensated to learn and grow in a supportive, practical setting.


Another company doing a great job on this is the Virginia-based company, called Revature. They’re setting up classrooms at college campuses around the country and recruiting college graduates for a free 40-hour-per-week, 12-week crash course in hot skills like Java and data management.

The students receive minimum wage during the course. In return, graduates commit to working for Revature for two years, at an annual salary of anywhere from $50,000 to $65,000. (Revature sends its graduates out to work as contract software engineers at firms such as banks, health insurers, retailers and the like.)

That’s not all. Africa is not left out on this. Andela, a software company is empowering wannabe software developers with the skill they need to become world-class software developers for free and they receive wages as well in the process. Andela is in the following locations. Lagos, Nigeria, Nairobi, Kenya, Kampala, Uganda. Their headquarters is in New York City, NY.

According to andela,  it’s “a four-year, paid Technical Leadership Program designed to shape you into an elite software developer. Through your training and work with top global technology companies, you’ll master the professional and technical skills needed to become a technology leader, both on the continent and around the world.”

2. Blog as you learn

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money from your passion. While you learn to program and you pass through some difficult moment and found it very difficult to conquer. Of course, you must see a lot of this. That’s the right time to blog your solution. Someone else might be facing the same challenge. Your solution can help them save time and money.

But more to that. With your blog, you have endless opportunities to make more money with the high-quality content you share.

Here are a few of them:

i). Google AdSense: Google allows webmasters to earn by placing Ads on their websites. When those Ads are clicked, you’ll earn a percentage from it. It’s a great way to make money with your blog site. Alex Chris of Calorie Secrets generated more than $100k in AdSense Revenue in 4 years(2012 – 2017).

ii). Leverage your huge audience to recommend premium development tools and productivity tools as an affiliate: You can also tap into the well of affiliate marketing by recommending your top tools to your followers.

iii). Create quality tutorials for your audience: after a while, you must have gotten a whole lot of knowledge about programming and gotten a firm grasp of some serious concepts. You can create a course that makes it easier for newbies to learn how to code fast. Put in adequate time and make it world-class. People will pay you for your hard work.

John Sonmez of Simpleprogrammer.com has a comprehensive book on “How to Create a Blog to Boost Your Career Workbook” it makes the whole process a lot easier for you to follow — copy and paste his success. You can check it out here.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great platform that allows you to market your skills effectively. Even if you’re not a professional yet. There is a place for you here. You can take on simple tasks at your level. A task that has to do with HTML and CSS and Maybe WordPress. You can make a hell of money from Fiverr.

4. Consider Using CMS’s for bigger jobs

This might seem like a little shift. However, if programming is your only source of income and you need to make extra money online to support yourself as you hone your skill then learning and using WordPress to design robust client websites can help you stay afloat.

6. Create a website for a friend

Creating websites for people around you and charging them a small amount of money adds up. Approach your friends and let them know what you do. Then let them know want to help them take their businesses or ideas online to allow them to gain more visibility and to attract more potential customers. Provided you put them first and charge them little. They’ll likely oblige.

7. Find a poorly designed website for a local business, do something better and send it to them with your offer.

Most companies have a really awful website design. Especially top businesses. You can take advantage of it. In your learning process, redesign the website and make it more appealing. Send them your offer with a cheaper fee. You’ll likely stand a chance to win them as long-term clients.

8. Find an organization that need interns and apply

Internship exposes you to real-world programming as it allows you to work on real-world projects while you learn. Internships can allow you gain a lot of on job experiences you can use to help you become a better developer.

Some internships are free —- they pay you with the experience they expose you to. However, I’ll advise that you look for internships that pay you. Even though it’s just some stipend to cover your upkeep. It’s very important.


While it’s great to be making some money in the process of learning, don’t be carried away by the money. You might lose it. Focus on learning how to create solutions that’ll help people scale their businesses and also to improve their lives. Let your money making be a plus to your effort — don’t allow money be your driving force.


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