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All techpreneurs are entrepreneurs, however, not all entrepreneurs are techpreneurs. Techpreneurs are entrepreneurs that start and manage their technology business — programmers, designers and also non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs that invest in technology to solve humanity’s problems.

Here in The Growth Bar, we share actionable hacks, tricks, growth hacks, experiments, success stories that’ll inspire new techpreneurs to get started launching their solutions and to help startups grow rapidly. We’re obsessed with rapid growth.

Most developers get stuck working for firms that pay them less than they’re worth. That’s truly bad and degrades the profession. We believe developers and designers ought to earn more and gradually start their own business, although not everyone can be an entrepreneur, every software developer or designer is a potential entrepreneur, you only need to learn more about how to start and run a successful business which we’ll provide actionable tips to help you achieve.

Marc Andreessen said “Software Is Eating the World” — yes, software has changed everything from the way we communicate to the way we do business. We believe this is the time for techpreneurs. If you’re a developer you need to take this seriously, start building your team, start churning out useful apps and of course start leaving the type of life you’ve always wanted — travel around the world, visit the best scenes and have fun with your family. Everyone pretty much loves that kind of life, now you can make it happen.

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