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I had a voice chat session with the founder of BrainTemp Army, Dave Partner Ozoalor, earlier this year. He said a lot about how to learn anything programming faster.

Why should you listen to Dave Partner?

Dave Partner has been programming and building applications for 6 years. He’s a full stack software developer.

He built the popular FireBlogger — the Ionic 2 social media micro-blogging platform built with firebase 3 as backend. He has worked with several reputable brands in Nigeria and is an instructor at Udemy.

Dave is a super successful senior developer and he got here because of his ability to learn stuffs very fast. And in this article, I want to share with you how he does it.

When I asked him how he learned very fast to brace up with the current trend and be relevant, he reminded me this:

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Then he said:

1. learn on your own— learn to teach yourself.

Learning how to program on your own is hard. But it’s the best way to learn fast and to retain what you’ve learned. For some people it takes time, however, for some others, it doesn’t take much time.

According to the Stack Overflow 2017 developers survey, 90% of developers consider themselves as at least somewhat self-taught.

But if 90% say it’s the way they learn to program and Dave Partner has seen success with this strategy, then embrace it.

But you can also use a:

2. Use a code mentor.

A code mentor can be very helpful in helping you learn fast as well, as you’ll be standing on the shoulder of an expert who has passed through what you’re likely to pass through in your learning process.

You can use sites like Codementor, Thinkster.com or Udemy.com.

Here are some testimonies from Codementor.io’s students.

But the drawback with this strategy is that you may lose connection with your code mentor or they may become too busy or just get lost and that will slow your learning pace. However, code mentor is still a great choice.

Another thing is that it makes you follow the academic education way of learning, you depend on your teachers. However, if you use a code mentor and you learn on your own as well. It’ll most likely boost your speed of learning.


3. Get familiar with the basics

Most developers are desperate to build products. So they don’t spend well enough time to learn the basics of programming and programming with a language or framework. Once they learn enough to build something simple, they’re off.

They call themselves programmers. Well, that’s wrong. Spend adequate time to learn how to program very well, dig deep into the documentation of any framework you intend to use; don’t just scratch the surface.

If you don’t have a strong base, you’ll likely need a tutorial for everything you want to build in the future. But if you understand the basics and everything in between, it’ll be a lot easier for you to solve complex problems. And learning new technologies will be easier too.

4. Get a full mental picture of what you’re learning

Why are you learning a particular language?

Understand the capability of what you’re learning and what you can build with it is a great way to to get motivated to learn. Start visualizing things you can build with what you’re learning from day one.

Having a full mental picture will make every step of your learning process easy as it goes and allows you get the right material to help you increase your speed.

5. Learn how to meet people in online communities and ask for help.

Many times you’ll get stuck. Yes, we all get stuck. If you’ve not been stuck before, you haven’t tried to code before. But thanks to Stack Overflow.

If you ever get stuck, find yourself in Stack OverFlow, someone else might have answered your question.

You can as well join Gitter rooms and make friends with other expert developers as you ask for quick help.

But before asking on Gitter. Please use Google to try to find answers first.


Programming is the fastest evolving skill set. Your skill a year ago might become irrelevant now. To continue to be relevant, you need to be obsessed with improving your craft and embracing new technologies as they come.

I hope these few tips by a veteran programmer will help you get better by the day.

You can learn anything.

Follow Dave on Github https://github.com/daveozoalor

Subscribe to his Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfjlsXMcayeWoqQzE_8ALaQ

You can also take his courses on Udemy on Angular 2

Angular 2 final complete tutorial with additional firebase” a complete course in building a standard web and mobile first applications with Angular2.

That course should be on promo now. Go check it out.

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