Powerful Reasons You should Adopt Video Branding in 2018

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but, what about a video?

Well, here are some top reasons why video branding and marketing should be your forte in 2018.

Video branding and marketing have tremendously increased in the last two years and its influence continues to grow as millions watch, share, and create them.

From 2005 when 69% watched videos online and 14% of them posted videos, till now, when 78% watch and 35% of them post videos online, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge.

The credit goes to YouTube that pioneered this revolution and marketers turned this revolutionary force into a video marketing platform. Following the YouTube heels, many companies like Vimeo, Camtasia, Movavi, etc, popped up and this exponential growth reflects the voracious appetite for an online multimedia experience.

As per the survey conducted by wyzowl, 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing and 82% of them think that video marketing is an essential part of their marketing strategy – rapid progression in video marketing would reach new heights sooner than we think.

The trend gave good ROI to 83% of businesses being surveyed. Although video is a great tool to aid visual learners to learn fast, it’s also super easy to consume its content quickly for most people and has great potentials to attract modern consumers of this fast-moving world. No doubt, video marketing is one of the newest additions to promotion toolbox.

We cant ignore the role of other social media platforms that further changed our viewability paradigms and also helped marketers to promote their products and widen their global reach, and surprisingly with even a little advertising budget.

We all have witnessed differentiated video features that have been added to different platforms last year. All those features make up a powerful pack of marketing punch, that has increased the exposure and enabled marketers to attract their audience by 3x than before.

Reportedly, posts with video content attracts 3 times more than the text-only posts – this increases the visibility and the life of a post.

Image result for posts with video content attracts 3 times

Video is quickly outpacing still imagery when it comes to online content. Few more years and the innovation and creativity behind the camera, the world would be all about captivating video content and this trend would be the revolutionary trend of a decade, the world would witness.

In this modern, video-mad world, if you aren’t integrating videos into your content strategy, you are missing out on a way to engage your target audience.

To boost your confidence in the video-marketing, I’m going to share incredible examples of video content marketing, planned effectively alongside all other content that baked at their whole marketing strategy.


We all know about Volvo truck, but did you know the company has actually developed an entire video content marketing funnel for potential truck buyers.

It started off with variety of video content that wasn’t explicitly for a call to action, rather, it was meant to educate and entertain leads, and make them familiar with Volvo.

Amazing fun videos were stunningly produced to get across Volvo truck values and brand differentiators – a little educational or informative value with pure thrill to get leads initially. A series of videos were created to solve the basic queries of the truck questions.

By delivering actionable advice, Volvo managed to build trust and secured a position as an expert on all matters. Have a look:

The next step Volvo did was to come up with series of short documentaries based on the storytelling and emotions of two truckers and how their life affected by their love of trucking. The videos reflected that only Volvo understands and care about potential customers. Have a look and enjoy:

As the leads started considering options to solve their problems actively, Volvo tried to draw attention with further video content that featured more details about Volvo trucks and how they help customers.

Different videos were crafted, each providing different truck ranges with their specifications. These videos intended to educate leads about the products so they can compare them with alternatives and start envisioning how Volvo integrates into their lives:

At some stage, your leads want to hear from your customers and not from you. This was the Volvo’s next step, the brand selected some success stories from a pool of success stories and testimonials and created case study videos to build authenticity and further trust. You have to listen this one:

Now the leads are about to turn into customers, making choices between alternatives, this is where Volvo stepped in and created a series of super-specific informational (FAQ) videos to alleviate financial concerns and to offer pain-free buying experiences.

The One Minute About series gave answers to the questions customers commonly ask just before the purchase:


Volvo ensured enough questions throughout their video journey to convert the leads into sales and beyond.

After reading such stories, I think digital marketers actually took the fact “Visuals create a lasting impact on human mind than that of words.”

Take it seriously. And this is a great example out of it.

So, how is your brand going to do such execution?

Still not sure how video marketing would benefit your business?

Read the reasons below, and I am sure your next strategy won’t be diversified.

Are you still doubtful? Is it really worth spending on video marketing to reach new horizons? Do you have enough resources to study and apply videography to your marketing strategy?

Let’s take a tour of our day-to-day life, how many of us know Harry-potter?

I guess half of the world and why is it so?

Was Harry Potter famous due to the book, or due to the movie franchise?

Let say if there was no movie would you rather spend months reading the book? Or is it easier to watch a three-hour movie and know exactly every detail written in that 1000+ page book?

Not only in businesses but in many educational institutes, teaching methods have switched from books to documentaries or videos. Over the time, visual content is gettings more prominent in many fields from medical to advertisement, from fitness to fashion.

The answer is simple; Yes it’s worth it! Not because everyone is after this but it’s the most effective and versatile way to communicate a message with your audience.

Right from live streaming to virtual reality, marketers are going immersive, a rat race of visual content is going among the global marketers.

Even consumers are also stepping into the real-world and experiencing fanatical exposures, that the marketing world is offering, and believe me, these boundary-dissolving video trends have never been witnessed before.

We have pinned some of the fiery reasons that would wake your inner influencer-marketer up and trigger you to be a part of the great race of video branding – as it’s the only way to reach or better to say create your individual niche.

Want To Boost Your Sales And Conversions? – Boost Your Sense Of Videography.

First thing first, marketers usually pay great attention to the ROI of their campaign. A strategy is always successful when conversion rate rises and no doubt video-content gives you some serious monetary returns.

As per the statistics, a product video increases the CVR by 80%. Have a look at the graph below and analyze how a video content increases conversion possibilities:

Points scored

The main motive behind a marketing strategy is to generate sales, studies show that 74% of users who watch a tutorial and how-to video subsequently bought it – it’s the right time to craft your exciting product videos now.

According to the internet retailer, the possibility of buying a product increases by 85% after watching videos. The concept of video-reviewing has also enabling consumers to find the right product. And you know what’s the best part of video-marketing? 79% of viewers spend more after watching a video.

Just think for a second, vision is the most dominant sense we have and when most of the information transmitted to our brain is visual chances are that it sticks to our memory.

Want To Offer Memorable Experience? – Expand Your Video-Marketing Paradigms. 

Marketers always look for ways to remain in consumers’ top-of-mind, this is the reason we see clutters of ads in a 15-minute break on a mainstream media.

We use all the senses to understand the video-content when all the senses work in harmony, it would definitely create a lasting impression. We retain 95% of what we receive in the video content than compared to other formats.

It’s a no secret that users today want to feel empowered while making decisions and video is the best option to empower them to make purchasing decisions. Keep one thing in mind while creating videos, you are not selling a product but a value that stands out among the viewers.

Your video is not targeting the eyes of the potential clients but the ears too – competitive advantage gets double.

A Bonus Tip: Your video is about people, not about you.

Want To Build Trust?  Add video-content in your marketing strategies

People build trust among people. If you want to earn the trust of more users, start making a small video of your existing user’s testimonies, start posting them online on your social forums and communities. A word said by a human is 100 times stronger than a word written.

More so, it’s easy to trigger consumers to buy your product but it’s trust that brings the existing consumer back to your territory. Trust is the foundation for developing a brand. Content is all about building trust and creating long-run relationships – stop selling and let consumers search for your product by simply providing them the information creatively.

“The new era demands a focus on ignition, not just content, on trust, not just traffic, and on the elite people in your audience who are spreading and advocating your content.”

Want To Be Close To Your Consumers? – Use Video-Content To Appeal Smart-Generation.

Mobile and videos go hand in hand. You know, 90% consumers watch videos on their favorite pocket-friendly devices and the mobile video views has tremendously increased by 233 percent in last 4 years. YouTube reports 100% growth in mobile video consumption every year – are you still confused about video marketing?

As per Google‘s research, smartphone users are twice more likely to view than that of TV and 1.3 times more than desktop viewers – shows you need to promote right in their pockets and video content is the best way so far.

It’s highly preferable to deal mobile users with added sensitivity while offering personalized and creative content.

Personal Connection Video Content


Today, video content is the generates 79% of all the internet traffic, Isn’t amazing. Savvy marketers are investing into videos to boost their ROI, ignoring this trend would be a huge mistake. Videos would rule the internet and will be the future of marketing, it’s high time to jump the bandwagon & board into the world of video marketing.

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